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Re: ifupdown writes to /etc... a bug?

Brian May <bam@debian.org> writes:

> On Wed, Mar 26, 2003 at 11:18:49PM +0100, Russell Coker wrote:
> > Samba has it's smbpasswd file that is written by network password changes, and 
> > a few other writable files.
> smpasswd is more like /etc/passwd.
> It could perhaps be argued that maybe it should go under /var/lib.

It should work when its linked to somewhere else. Thats my current way
of fixing those etc writes.

> In any case, smbpasswd isn't a requirement for using a samba server,
> I believe you can use network based authentication...
> > Please let me know when you've fixed sendmail, hotplug, ntpd, and samba, then 
> > I'll update my SE Linux policy accordingly and give you a list of other 
> > programs with write access.
> I wouldn't complain if nobody updates sendmail...

I don't use sendmail so I won't fix it. Feel free to file a bugreport
for FHS violation.

> Why does hotplug need to be changed?

Does that handle network cards and thus needs to write /etc/resolv.conf?

> /etc/ntp.drift and/or /etc/adjtime might be a problem, I gather not only
> to they need to be writable at boot time, but the state needs to be
> preserved across boots.

A ntpd without network is pretty useless and as soon as network is
setup all filesystems can be mounted before ntpd is run. Also a
perfect time and thus ntpd is no way boot essential (unless you have
an alpha that jumps 30 years into the future on each reboot but then
ntpd fails to do the job anyway).


PS: Update on the issue: mount fixed, sysvinit fixed, ipupdown fine, lvm fine
PPS: Bochs still installing a woody testing environment, 1.17 BogoMIPS realy are slow

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