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Re: no libgal23

Sven Luther wrote:
> The problem is that, apparently, when a package is new, it get pulled
> from the incoming queue and put into the new queue, and you don't see it
> until it gets accepted in the archive, that is unless you are a
> developper and have access to ftp-master to get it from the new queue
> there. 
> What about having http://incoming.debian.org/new point to the new queue ?
I have thought about this when a package I was interested in was in the queue.
It was then rejected due to license problems. As such, it probably is desirable
to not have public access to packages that might be rejected because they are
not legal to distribute.
A list of packages in the queue might be nice to have, though. I only noticed
for three packages, but it seems that one could avoid at least some unneccessary
bug reports. (E.g some of the kde ones that someone complained about a couple of
days ago, the ones for libgal,...)
Any chance?



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