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Re: RFC: Handling of mozilla libraries

Le ven 21/03/2003 à 08:59, Martin Schulze a écrit :
> > 1) libraries without SONAME
> > 2) libraries in /usr/lib/mozilla
> > 3) no stable ABI and nothing in the packaging to prevent breakage

> Do these libraries have to be maintained by the regular linker?
> If not, they could be load via dlopen() from any directory (like Apache
> or PHP are handling their libraries).  If that's not an option, and
> since Mozilla and Galeon are usually started via a wrapper script,
> couldn't you add an LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable to its environment so
> that the linker will find libraries in /usr/lib/mozilla as well?

Opening those libraries with dlopen would probably require too many
changes in galeon, but using LD_LIBRARY_PATH would indeed work.

But that doesn't solve 3). We need some mechanism to provide clean
dependencies; a virtual package mozilla-1.X could do the trick, I've
been using this with hdf5 (which also constantly changes its ABI)
successfully for a while.
We also need a clean upgrade path from woody, which, as the situation in
woody is unclean, will require a conflict with older versions of

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