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Re: RFC: New required package: libblkid1

"Theodore Ts'o" <tytso@mit.edu> writes:
> /etc/blkid.tab may be necessary to find the /var partition.  (i.e., if
> /etc/fstab has LABEL=var, and you don't want to search all of the 2000
> block devices in the system, then you want to use /etc/blkid.tab to be
> able to quickly find the var partition.)

In such cases, maybe you can't mount /run (or whatever) separately --
but that's fine, because there are _other_ cases where it's quite
possible to mount /whatever early (in particular, when there are no
actual disks involved).

> Similarly, /etc/ld.so.cache is necessary to run the mount command (and
> any other dynamically linked executable).

So don't dynamically link mount, or whatever you have to (in particular,
/etc/ld.so.cache is a particular implementation detail of glibc that
isn't universal).

> So saying that they can live on another partition is simply not
> correct, and seems to indicate that the person making the argument
> doesn't understand the issues involved.

No, it simply means that you're making assumptions about how the
environment is setup which don't necessarily hold.

> If "/run can be mounted very early", then there's no point to have a
> separate /run directory to clutter up the root partition.  /var can
> simply be mounted early.

I quite agree, and I think /run is a silly name; however others
obviously feel differently.

> The reason why it's in /etc/blkid.tab and not /var/run/blkid.tab is
> *precisely* because it must be on the root partition.  /var might not
> be on the root partition.

Why does it have to be on the root partition?  It just has to not be on
a partition which cannot be mounted without that file.

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