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Re: fonts

On 10.III.2003 at 02:53 Colin Walters wrote:
> So, up till now fonts in Debian were supposed to be installed via
> Defoma.  Defoma has worked fairly well, but it's Debian-specific, and
> very complex.

Defoma is a connector between font-providing packages and font-using
packages.  Fontconfig is simply one of the font-using applications.

> But given the above, I would prefer for font packages to just invoke
> fc-cache directly in their postinst, and also for them to Depend on
> fontconfig.

Another more flexible aproach is to add support for Defoma in
Fontconfig.  It is not only the invoking of fc-cache.  One may want
also to tweak the configuration file in /etc/fonts/ in order to
provide better support for virtual fonts like Sans and Mono.

Anton Zinoviev

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