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Re: potato packages in unstable?

* Birzan George Cristian <ymir@wolfheart.ro> [2003-03-15 19:40]:
> Well, yes, it is. Potato was before the pool came around, so its
> packages are kept in potato/. As for the reason, it's because the
> packages haven't been updated since Potato.

 I am questioning why they haven't been updated...  Policy has changed
quite a lot since potato and at least the /usr/doc/<package> ->
/usr/share/doc/<package> symlink handling was droped from it. I would
guess that mostly all of the packages that are still in the potato
hierarchy must be updated to comply with current policy.

 About how many packages do we speak here? Would this be a valid aim for
an upcoming bug squashing party?  For not being (current?) policy
compliant in fact _is_ a release critical bug.  Maybe tracking the
packages down and starting with filing the bugreports on them would be a
good idea...  Does someone have a list of those packages?

 Uhm, just a second:
(some grep-available later)  It's 63 packages, namely:

Package: ccf
Package: scansort
Package: cern-httpd
Package: rcs
Package: gnosamba
Package: festlex-oald
Package: libgd-gif1
Package: ttfprint
Package: libgd-gif-tools
Package: abc2mtex
Package: lclint-doc
Package: jargon
Package: libgd-gif1-dev
Package: festvox-kallpc8k
Package: libident-dev
Package: libident
Package: figfonts
Package: festvox-kallpc16k
Package: linleech
Package: xtranslate
Package: xmake
Package: opustex
Package: wwwcount
Package: lpkg
Package: gwm-doc
Package: wmaker-usersguide-ps
Package: libstdc++2.9-glibc2.1
Package: festvox-kdlpc16k
Package: makepasswd
Package: doom-wad-shareware
Package: festvox-rablpc8k
Package: figfonts-cjk
Package: festival-doc
Package: dvi2tty
Package: tkxanim
Package: xtermset
Package: cedicttools
Package: fda
Package: theme-converters
Package: p2c
Package: gwm
Package: festlex-poslex
Package: festvox-ellpc11k
Package: dict-hitchcock
Package: vje-delta
Package: whirlgif
Package: dict-gazetteer
Package: rtlinux-doc
Package: oneliner
Package: floppybackup
Package: dqs
Package: festlex-cmu
Package: festvox-rablpc16k
Package: shapetools-tutorial
Package: ttysnoop
Package: hpscanpbm
Package: glut-data
Package: mocka
Package: debian-test
Package: festvox-don
Package: ivtools-doc
Package: dict-easton
Package: termcap-compat

 I guess those should be updated to match current policy at least.  I
don't think that they would pass it without any changes.

 So long!
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