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Re: libtool crap [Re: SDL c102 transition]

Le ven 14/03/2003 à 15:24, Scott James Remnant a écrit :
> You missed the first bit, lit. doing all that testing first.

Then let's try it on a few packages. I'll try on some of mine and give
you feedback.

> 1) If the OS is Linux then set link_all_deplibs to "no" rather than
>    "unknown".  Nothing else sets this to "no", so it should only
>    change Linux behaviour.

Maybe it should do that on all GNU systems, they should all have a
correct linker (dunno for BSD).

> 2) Don't set dependency_libs if link_all_deplibs is "no".  This means
>    that the dependency_libs line in the .la file will be empty, because
>    the linker can handle it.  It *ALSO* means that the dependency_libs
>    line from .la files will not be considered when linking (ie you don't
>    need to recompile everything on your system).

I don't know what happens when you don't put that stuff in the .la.
Shouldn't it still be used when linking statically ?

> I'm almost positive this will break things, so be very very careful. 
> Don't just apply this because you like the idea, if you're going to use
> this patch *ASSUME* your software will be broken, and test very very
> hard accordingly.

Even if we're probably going to have some issues with it, I hardly see
how it could be more broken than the current behaviour.

> How to apply...  libtoolize && aclocal && autoconf your software, then
> apply the two patches below.  The first patches "ltmain.sh" which should
> be the same as the file I based the patch on (1.4.3-7).  The second
> patches "aclocal.m4" (specifically the bits that would have come from
> libtool.m4).  I deliberately changed one that's probably closest to most
> people's (automake & libtool), but you'll probably find that your patch
> is offset by a few lines.

I guess that patch has to be applied before running autoconf, or else it
won't be very useful.

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