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Re: Which arch is using gcc-3.3 as the default compiler?


Marcelo E. Magallon wrote:
>        * several-packages (0.1-1 to 0.2-1)
>             + ...
>             + Depends: gcc-3.2
>             + Depends: gcc-3.3
>  what's with that?  And what's with the ones that _don't_ depend on
>  gcc-3.3 but only on gcc-3.2?  Do they need a recompile on this
>  architecture?

I intially wondered too about that.

I _think_ that is because the packages depend or pre-depend on libgcc1
which is also provided by gcc-3.3.

In the changelog of a recent gcc-3.2 upload is written:

 * On architectures, where gcc-3.3 is built, don't build libgcc1,
    libg2c, libffi2, libgcj-common and libstdc++5 packages.

And for packages compiled before that I think the "problem" may be
that britney sees the libgcc1 als sees that it can be fullfilled (at
least on some archs) by gcc-3.3 too, so it appears there.

This is my explanation, can be wrong, though :)


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