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Re: fonts


Sorry to follow up twice, but I've got another idea.

On Mon, Mar 10, 2003 at 02:53:17AM -0500, Colin Walters wrote:

> Now, to the issue at hand: after installing a font package, fc-cache
> must be rerun.  Now, we could continue to use Defoma, and I could have
> fontconfig install some sort of Defoma trigger to make Defoma rerun
> fc-cache.  
> But given the above, I would prefer for font packages to just invoke
> fc-cache directly in their postinst, and also for them to Depend on
> fontconfig.

Why not simply have font packages do a run-parts on some
registerfontfile.d, which would initially just contain a link to Defoma's
update script?

If Defoma becomes deprecated in favour of fontconfig, migration would be
trivial by having fontconfig put a link to fc-cache in
/etc/registerfontfile.d and removing the Defoma link.

IOW, put a single, generic hook for any desired push mechanism in the
font packages, and leave it up to the installed font manager to do the

You could have a 

run-parts /etc/registerfontfile.d add <fontfile> in your postinst


run-parts /etc/registerfontfile.d del <fontfile> in your postrm

Why not?



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