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My Lexmark package

Hey, all. I believe I finally fixed the installer. Due to not having
termcap available in postinst (evidently, stdin and stdout is very basic;
no extended functions), I put in a short script named install-lexmarkz33
to run the binary installer (in console mode as requested). That way, it
works better with those without X on their print server. I would
appreciate any critiques or suggestions on this package.

The APT line:
deb  http://members.cox.net/cappicard linux/
deb-src  http://members.cox.net/cappicard linux/

* Derek J Witt | Email: cappicard@cox.net                            *
* Home Page: http://members.cox.net/cappicard/ | "...and on the      *
* eighth day, God met Bill Gates. But, the Almighty had to send him  *
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