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Re: knoppix/bootcd like software?

On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, Javier [iso-8859-1] Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:

> 	Yes. The software knoppix uses (save for cloop) is not packaged
> (but its GPLd) IIRC.
Could someone who knoow the facts better than my perhaps file an RFP / ITP bug?

> 	Other people have answered on this already. But just my 2c here.
> Remastering (i.e. taking an already available Knoppix CD and making a new
> one out of it) is quite easy, as shown in the number of Knoppix-based
> distributions out there. Several HOWTOs are available [1]
In my opinion it is not the question whether it is easy or not.  Remastering
Knoppix means in any case getting a > 700 MB file from a limited set of mirrors.
This will become a hard task in the future and makes really no sense if you
just need a limited subset of the data on this iso image.  It would be
*really* stupid to grab a complete iso image just to remaster the latest
Knoppix where just some files might be changed.

> 	However, making one from scratch is slightly different, you need to
> setup a system (to use as an image system) and all the software (mkinitrd
> image, knoppix stuff) for it to boot, do hardware autodetection, and
> slightly modify the system.
I did not say that it is an easy task but it is necessary in my opinion to
cope with derived Knoppix versions in the future (see above).  To make this
task easier we need a modularized system which contains all this extra stuff.
Moreover we might consider some things in bootstrapping Debian for the
profit of both projects - Debian and Knoppix.  (I'm not deeply involved in
this stuff, but I could imagine some details which might be backported from
Knoppix to Debian.)

> 	I haven't been able to start working on it (it's in my TODO) but I
> would start by taking the software at knoppix and package it:
> http://www.knopper.net/download/knoppix/ (if not done already).
There must be some packages anywhere because if you do a
       dpkg --get-selections | grep knoppix
you get a certain list of packages.  We should check these packages for
DFSG complieance and perhaps make them official.  I hope this would perhaps
take some workload from Klaus Knopper.

> 	Notice that some packages will violate Debian's policy [2],
> however, since they edit other packages (cups, nessus, etc..).
I see no reason to file wishlist bug reports against those packages to
enable enough flexibility to comply with normal Debian needs and add all
extra stuff which is needed for Knoppix.  If I understand Debian right
we have a bug tracking system which handles technical problems.  In my
opinion it is a technical problem if a package has to be changed by
methods which avoid policy to fit certain needs (for instance Knoppix).

> It would be
> great if you started packaging software that knoppix-based distros are
> going to need.
This is what I wanted to say:  If someone who is deeper involved in Knoppix
development / remastering would start with a list like:

   package1: License, URL
   package2: License, URL

and perhaps would just file ITP / RFP bugs accordingly it would be of
g help, IMHO.

Kind regards


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