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Re: summary 'debconf template translation'

> ----
>  - make a list sort by source package maintainer email address
>  - some nice (and fast) download-links (po files)
>  - the po from the DDTP should only contain translated strings.
>  - build debconf-i10n-LANG deb packages with all 'unused' translations
>    (translations, that are not in the debian package)

I think you mean i18n.

But, was this seen as technically feasible or even appropriate ?
A good NMU policy shouldn't require this.

>  - Fill bug reports after some time via a 'human operator' if the
>    maintainer don't catch the translations
>  - document this all, make guides and howtos for the package
>    maintainers
>  - the ddts must support 'uploads befor package release'

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