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Re: Future of Debian uncertain?

>>>>> In article <[🔎] 3E5B433E.20501@citma.cu>, Alfredo Valles <alfredo@citma.cu> wr

 > Narins, Josh wrote:
 >> The future of Debian has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with users, and
 >> 100% to do with developers.

 > My god!  Sound like you have the truth in your hands!

        Debian is about whatever the people who do the work care
 about.  Fortunately, the people who do the work come with all kinds
 of  motivations and agendas, so most goals are more or less covered.

        Me, I work on Debian to make it more useful for me; and I
 cooperate with other developers since I can't do all the work. But
 then, other developers perhaps are far more altruistic.

 > So you say everything is ok and debian is as good as it should be.

        Nope. And that is why we still need people to work on
 improving it.

 > We users don't care. Now I'm trully worried about debian.

        *Shrug*. If you find something that is flawed, help fix it.
 As long as there are people helping improve Debian, I'm not worried.


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