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"testing" improvements


  The Release Manager once said that we should wait for Woody to be
  released before analysing testing problems.

  Wouldn't it be time to write down a possible list of wishes and
  improvements that could be implemented in testing?

  I personaly think of a problem related to architecture
  synchronization, i.e. a given package can't enter testing if it has
  not been built on all architectures.  There are more and more
  architectures so it takes more and more time for a package to enter

  Since testing is meant to be used by people willing to test our
  future release, I don't see any reason why a given package which
  built successfully on a given arch can't enter testing if its
  dependencies are satisfied on that architecture. Hence, the package
  is getting tested as soon as possible, which makes fixes happen more
  quickly in unstable. Basically, this could be achieved by adding an
  architecture tag to the BTS (this has been asked for quite some time
  now by Marcus Brinkmann). Of course, this wouldn't prevent us from
  fixing bug on every architecture.

  What do you think of this?


Jérôme Marant


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