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Re: List of front ends to apt


> I'd found this lists:
> http://www.luci.org/luci-discuss/200211/msg00001.html
> Anybody knows anything more?

I'm missing the following in the list:

wajig - Simplified Debian package management front end
apt-spy - writes a sources.list file based on bandwidth tests.
netselect - Choose the fastest server automatically. (Also for apt, but not only)

This should give you nearly every apt tool packaged in Debian:

apt-cache search -- -apt; apt-cache search -- apt-; apt-cache search -- ^apt

> I'm writing a document about it.

Sounds interesting. Will it be available on the web?

> PS: jablicator it's great!

Yep. Very useful that is. :-)

                Regards, Axel
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