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Re: mail to 123456-quiet@bugs.debian.org

On Sat, 2003-02-22 at 14:34, Colin Watson wrote:

> Not if you're using the same From: address as appears in the Maintainer:
> field of the package.

That's true; I do usually use my @d.o address; but since I have to
select it manually (I default to walters@verbum.org), I forget

Evolution is normally good in that it will notice if a message was
addressed directly to walters@debian.org, and will default to using that
as the From: address for replies.  But since bugs come in addressed to
12345@bugs.debian.org, that doesn't happen automatically.

> Sure, but it means debian-bugs-dist sees the mail too.

Why doesn't debian-bugs-dist see -quiet messages?

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