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Re: mail to 123456-quiet@bugs.debian.org

On Sat, 2003-02-22 at 08:23, Anthony Towns wrote:
> Gah.
> Please don't send mails to the -quiet addresses at bugs.debian.org!! These
> mails specifically _don't_ go the maintainer, and that address should
> only ever be used to forward copies of private mail already sent to
> the maintainer.  It should _NEVER_ be used for discussing a bug with
> the submitter.

Why not?  When I reply to a bug report from say Jane Doe <jane@doe.com>,
I like addressing my reply like:

 To: Jane Doe <jane@doe.com>
 Cc: 12345-quiet@bugs.debian.org

That way, Jane can just blindly hit the "Reply to all" button (like
*everyone* does), and I will only get one copy of the mail.

In using the alternative:

 To: Jane Doe <jane@doe.com>
 Cc: 12345@bugs.debian.org

Not only will I receive a duplicate copy of my own mail back (by sending
to 12345@b.d.o), when Jane replies, her mailer will almost certainly
construct the reply like:

 To: Colin Walters <walters@debian.org>
 Cc: 12345@bugs.debian.org

Thereby giving me a duplicate copy of her reply too.  Very annoying.  I
first saw Christian Marillat using the -quiet method, and it made so
much sense to me I immediately switched to using it.

Other bugtracking systems like Bugzilla solve this problem by having
per-user preferences.

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