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Orphaning some (many) of my packages

I do not find the time at the moment to take care of many of the packages I
am maintainer of and thus wish to orphan them. The following packages are
up for adoption:

- cadubi: not many issues, works fine.

- casio: no longer useful since the CASIO agendas it was based on
are not used too much around. Mine, for example, is in a box and
without batteries. If no one wishes to keep it will ask the ftp maintainers
to remove it.

- cheops: no longer being actively worked on although still useful. I would
like somebody

- libnet-snmp-perl: easy package, only needs to be updated regularl.

- log-analysis: this one should be integrated with logcheck better, by
using the same regular expressions.

- magpie: a proof-of-concept package, which works atm but their is no
upstream maintainer for. The package maintainer should become upstream and
take a better care of it than I have. The current bugs are pretty trivial
to fix.

- bow, remem:  even if independent these should be taken together. I'm not
using any of them actively at the moment so I'm looking for someone who
does uses the remembrance-agent with Emacs and can fix the issues with it.

- roleplaying: it's a nive program for RPG dungeon masters however, the
newer upstream version holds a non-DFSG free license. 

- lmbench

- tcltutor (I offered this one back but no one cared about it, I believe
the upstream author could be convinced to turn into a DFSG-free license)

- dns-browse: it might be too similar to what dig does at the moment,
still, needs to be updated to understand bind9 or dropped.

- crypt-ssleay: nice library used by some libraries/programs (such as
libwww-perl) needs to be kept up to date.

If anyone wants to take any of these packages before I send a new upload
with QA as maintainer please say so. I will also provide more information
on status and development for prospective maintainers.

Best Regards

Javier Fernandez-Sanguino

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