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Re: Tommi Virtanen

On Sat, Feb 22, 2003 at 04:09:55PM +0200, Tommi Virtanen wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 19, 2003 at 05:22:31PM +0100, Per Olofsson wrote:
> > Does anybody know anything about Tommi Virtanen (tv@debian.org)? He
> > hasn't answered my bug reports regarding the ion package. I also sent
> > him a mail last Friday and he has not responded to that
> > either. However, he updated his [1]blog in January and his LDAP record
> > was last modified the 13th.
> 	OOH! That was all the way *EIGHT* days ago!
> 	Let's remove his account! We demand hourly status
> 	reports!
> 	And the blog contains on average less than one entry
> 	per month, so that's hardly a good piece of evidence
> 	for me going away.

That was not intended as evidence of you going away, it was intented
as evidence that you are still active! That's why I used the word
"however". I was just trying to include as much information as

The unanswered bug reports are a bit older than eight days.

> > It would be much easier if he just answered my mail, because I am
> > willing to take over the ion package if he's not interested anymore. I
> > am already maintaining the ion-devel package. So, does anybody know
> > anything about this?
> 	Your mail is in the queue with a few hundred other messages
> 	requiring action. Now be nice and queue at the back.


> 	People, if you feel something needs to be done, get off your
> 	ass and create patches; don't just bitch about it.

I have created patches now. Most of the changes were trivial, anyway,
and that's why I became suspicious.


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