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Re: Problems with evolution

On Fri, 2003-02-21 at 00:53, Svante Signell wrote:
> Thanks for getting zero replies. I must have tried the wrong lists.
> Anybody got a hint where to get some response gnome-office-list, the
> evolution maintainer of evolution for Debian or RTFM (where) or YATOOWTP

Well, I did read your mail. Don't have answers, though.

The Debian evo maintainer seems very busy - the bug list suffers from
bad maintenance (like some very old bugs that are not closed (or at
least tagged woody). Also, when I offered to go through the bugs, I got
no answer (that was last year, so it wasn't because I'm just impatient).

New evolution releases still make it into unstable, so he's not MIA.

> > Mail accounts: Receiving mail with fetchmail landing in /var/mail. Apply

I don't use local accounts. I don't use evo's filters, I filter on the
(IMAP) server.

> > - The mails clicked on in the mail summary are covered by a blue bar

I hate that summary page --> I never look at it. Being outlookish in
terms of non-modularity is the worst feature of evo - why can I start
just the evo mailer and the addressbook, I don't use the scheduler or
todo modules...

> > - Some fonts are terrible. Also, when changing font size the character
> > spacing etc changes, making the chosen font size (almost) unreadable.
> > Maybe this is a more general X fonts problem.

This is most certainly a gnome/gtk problem. Currently, I'm using gnome2,
so my gnome1 settings can't be changed. Also, I use a unicode locale,
but my gtk/gnome1 theme is not unicode ready, so I start all gnome1 apps
through a LC_CTYPE=de_CH wrapper script... 

Won't solve your problem, I guess, sorry.

> > - Help does not work, see below
I can confirm that. reportbug time?

good luck
-- vbi

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