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Problems with evolution


I recently switched to evolution and find it to be a nice tool, However
there are some problems and annoying stuff going on. Maybe it's just me.

Installed: Debian unstable, evolution-1.2.2-1, sawfish-1.2-4, gnome-
session-, gnome-libs*-1.4.2, more on request.

Mail accounts: Receiving mail with fetchmail landing in /var/mail. Apply
filters to new messages in INBOX is checked in settings. 
Sending mail with sendmail (exim) 
All filters are set up to _move_ mails from the INBOX to local folders.

- With filters previous version (1.2.2?) did _move_ mails from the INBOX
to the local folders. This version only _copies_ the mails, leaving the
mails in the INBOX (in /var/mail)
- The mails clicked on in the mail summary are covered by a blue bar
with the text in white. However, when the mails are indicated as read
(set to 1.5sec) the white text turns to grey, making it almost
impossible to read. 

- How to change the stupid (US) AM/PM date format in the summary?
Setting LC_TIME does not help.

- Some fonts are terrible. Also, when changing font size the character
spacing etc changes, making the chosen font size (almost) unreadable.
Maybe this is a more general X fonts problem.

- Help does not work, see below
cat .xsession-errors
Gnome-Message: gnome_execute_async_with_env_fds: returning -1


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