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Re: mICQ roundup

15.02.2003 pisze Rüdiger Kuhlmann


Writing/maintaining software is providing a service (even when
it's free). You need to listen to your customers if you want to
learn what features they need and thereby improve your product.
Of course, the customer isn't _always_ right, and often they
suggest specific implementations which don't fit into the "grand
scheme", but it's the input of ideas which is important. Even if
they seem at first to be "wrong", I've found it's always worth
thinking about them, even if you ultimate modify or reject them.
This is all IMHO, of course.
                           --Philip Hazel on exim-users@exim.org

> [...]

> First, some people were calling the code changes I made a trojan, a
> poison pill, or even a DoS attack. I'm not the first to note that
> this is simply not true. It doesn't do anything else than printing a
> message and exiting. It doesn't send your mail to me, it doesn't
> crash your computer, it doesn't keep you from using ICQ. It's not
> more of an DoS than the korganizer package, which is currently
> uninstallable. Heck, it doesn't even keep you from using mICQ, as it
> told you where to get binaries (okay, i386 only), and you could
> always get the sources from micq.org and build your own package.

> [...]

> Second, some people claim that I hurt the reputation of the Debian project.
> That may or may not be true. What it definately did was showing a problem in
> the process. [...]

> Third, I do take offense of being called a cracker.

You are proving that you're simply a cracker here, in your very mail.

You seem to have no understanding of what you've done. Once again, as
clear as I only can write: you've provided disservice for your users
because you had communication problems with one packager. This is
simply not acceptable. I'm sorry, but you cannot be trusted anymore.
(This is also breach of the Social Contract, and therefore you failed
one of the NM checks, thank you.)

> [...]

> That's just fair enough.

So? A cracker. Inserting a timebomb in software, a timebomb, which
could only hurt *users* is plainly stupid.

> [...]

> So. No that's been cleared up. Leaves the trust issue. Some people
> say I lost all trust for what I did. Well. Trust has two sides: the
> trust to receive what you seem to get, and the trust that what you
> give is treated well. In this case, the latter was broken. It wasn't
> treated well. My trust was broken, I was slapped at again and again.
> Now _you_ complain that _I_ broke your trust? That I should lose it
> forever? Then, what trust do _you_ expect to have? Well, I don't care
> whether you need to audit the code now. Feel free to do so if you
> must, it's your waste of time. It will be as usefull as the "rm -rf
> /" accusation was realistic.

> For the DD application - yes, Jörg removed me. That was definately
> premature, in particular since his mail reveals no understanding of
> the issue. On the other hand, I don't care - the issue with madkiss
> is now resolved, so there's no need anymore for me to package it. It
> means no m68k buildd again, but that's offtopic here.

You still do not understand. Your pathetic action was aimed towards
users, not the developer, with whom you've had communication problems.
This is BAD.

Good bye and fare you well.


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