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Proposal for removal of outdated/orphaned UPS daemon packages

Package: bpowerd (O: #176326)
Version: 2.2-1.1

Package: upsd (O: #86242)
Version: 2.5-3


some old fashioned power daemons for UPSs are still in database.
I'm talking about bpowerd and upsd which are not maintained
(no upstream source available), and orphaned (some bugs are 4
years old !).

Those might be removed, and supersedes by Network UPS Tools - NUT.
This one:
- is already debianized,
- is actively maintained,
- has an extensible networked architecture,
- already supports the above softwares features, and more,
- is becoming the SANE of UPSs !

To conclude, removing bpowerd and upsd would close 9 bugs
in BTS, and would contribute to make a de facto UPS power
management standard under debian.

Arnaud Quette

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