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Criteria for maintaining a package

pe, 14-02-2003 kello 12:36, Russell Coker kirjoitti:
> On a few occasions I have expressed the opinion that Debian developers should 
> be programmers and should have basic programming skills in the language of 
> the program that they are packaging.

s/Debian developers/Debian package maintainers/, I agree. That's why I
wouldn't sponsor Kalle Kivimaa's Java packages (I don't know Java), even
though I advocated him as an NM and do sponsor another package of his. I
also won't sponsor packages I have no interest in using myself.

(I may have reached this opinion during my year and a half of being
absent, though.)

> On every occasion I was flamed by developers who do not meet those criteria.

That might be because you sent mail to a Debian list, not because of
what you said. :)

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