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Re: do not do this


>>>>> In <[🔎] 20030213185106.GA436@dragon.kitenet.net> 
>>>>>	Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> wrote:
>   * Not reproducible, if persists please reopen - closes: #163960, #172507, #172510, #172511
>   * I don't think this is a bug - closes: #172509

> I don't know how often this has to be said.  The changlog is not your
> personal bug-closing service. It is the CHANGELOG. If you have not made
> a change to the content of the package that closes a bug, you MAY NOT
> close it in the changelog. 

You are absolutely right.  I am blameworthy.

> This has been pointed out repeatedly, publically, each time a developer
> makes this mistake, since the day after Closes: support was added to
> dinstall, and developers are still making this mistake. It is explained
> in the Developer's Reference. No developer, at this point, has any
> excuse save willful disregard or stupidity for abusing the changelog
> like this. If you all cannot get this simple thing right, how do you
> expect to get important things right?

Hmm, believe or not I've read Developer's Reference...

Anyway I found the correspond sentence in Developer's Reference 5.6.5,
but I think the representation there is a little bit vague.  How about
changing it something like this:

 Bear in mind that it is not obligatory to close bugs using the changelog like
 described above -- if you simply want to close bugs that don't have anything to
 do with an upload of yours, do it simply by emailing an explanation to
+XXX-done@bugs.debian.org.  In other words, you should not close bugs in this way
+if you want to close bugs which are not directly fixed in this package release.


Masayuki Hatta
mhatta@gnu.org / mhatta@debian.org / mhatta@opensource.jp

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