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berkeleydb version insanity

Is there a reason we need to carry forward having 4 versions of
BerkeleyDB in sid?  Is BerkeleyDB 3 backwards-compatible enough that
we can just change the Build-Depends line on the 90 packages that use
libdb2 and let the autobuilders do their thing?

I'm in the middle of building an application that uses BerkeleyDB but
I'd prefer to use a newer version, and I'd prefer to use
libberkeley-db-perl under mod_perl ... but that's impossible, since
Apache (and its whole dependency tree) are linked against libdb2.

It's clear that libdb3 is handy, since there are 315 packages that
Depend: on it.  Thank heavens libdb4 hasn't made it in yet (altho
-utils has),  or it'd be worse ...


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