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gnome 2.2 menu structure

In looking through the gnome 2.2 Applications menu on my laptop, there
seems to be a few things that could be fixed

In Internet, I have a lot of mozilla and mozilla-cvs entries, wouldn't
it be better if they were a "subfolder", perhaps also having the main
browser on the first level.

In Other I have many entries for OpenOffice, wouldn't that be also
better in its own "subfolder", and shouldn't it be under "Office"

In Programming, I have a lot of java2 demos (probably have to bug the
blackdown people about that), again, they should probably be in their
own menu

But this leads to a general point, should it be policy that if a package
is going to drop more than some X entries in a menu, that it should make
a submenu, perhaps with some leeway for when it's not appropriate?



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