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Re: Upcoming guile 1.4 -> 1.6 transition.

I might have been too slow to react here, but:

> Ahh, I've seen the C++ plan now, and that might be our best choice.
> But rather than the g16 you recommended, how about scm16?  I feel like
> ghe g prefix would be more likely to make people think of the libc6
> "g", or perhaps gtk or glib.  We'd have libguile-foo-scm16 until (as
> the C++ plan indicates) the upstream versions change their soname
> again, and then you drop the -scmX.  As the C++ plan also states, the
> new libfoo-scm16 library packages would need to conflict with with the
> old versions.
> Thoughts anyone?

hyphen in -scm16 isn't really needed, and I'd rather like to drop it.
Library packages usually end with a numeric, so adding "scm16" would
be good enough.
Adding a hyphen makes it look like a library package of yet another
language, because most interpreted language libraries follow the
convention of using hyphens in their shared library package.

> > The problem is that this way, we break partial upgrades.
> Good point.

We aren't actually breaking partial upgrades, we force
unified upgrades of packages through dependency systems. :) 


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