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Bug#180634: ITP: kolab-server -- The server from the Kroupware Project's groupware suite

Package: wnpp
Version: unavailable; reported 2003-02-11
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : kolab-server
  Version         : 1.0-beta2
  Upstream Author : Tassilo Erlewein <tassilo.erlewein@erfrakon.de>
* URL             : http://www.kroupware.org/howto-kolab.html
* License         : GPL
  Description     : The server from the Kroupware Project's groupware suite

Kroupware Project's groupware suite. This highly scalable and secure
solution is strictly based on a client/server architecture. The server
part of the groupware solution, herein referred to as "Kolab Server "
runs on GNU/Linux, namely on a current distribution of Debian, Red Hat
or SuSE. We minimized the usage of Linux distribution dependencies in
order to gain maximal portability. In order to be able to apply readily
available security updates in a timely manner employment of a
well-maintained GNU/Linux distribution like the above mentioned seems
desirable. The goal is that standard security updates as provided by
these vendors can be installed without affecting the Kolab server

-- System Information:
Debian Release: testing/unstable
Architecture: i386
Kernel: Linux yaco 2.4.18 #3 mar jun 18 16:58:23 CEST 2002 i686
Locale: LANG=es_ES@euro, LC_CTYPE=es_ES@euro (ignored: LC_ALL set)

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