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Re: RFC: Installer program for non-free packages

Kevin B. McCarty wrote:
> Please let me know any thoughts, suggestions, or constructive criticism.
> (Did I miss a program that already does the exact same thing?)  Apologies, 
> but I will be unable to check email until Monday.

Well alien can do vaguely similar things with its patch file mechanism.
The user has to:

wget file.rpm (or .tgz)
alien -i file.rpm

Alien does the rest, by either generating the standard debian packaging
that works most of the time, or, if there is a patch file in
/usr/share/alien/patches that matches the file, applying the patch,
which creates a customized debian/ directory and debian/rules, and then
using that to build the package.

Currently alien has patch files for j2sdk, motif, and openmotif.

see shy jo

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