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Re: On the matter of Qt packaging

On Thu, 6 Feb 2003 20:33, Steve Langasek wrote:
> > Actually i'd consider quoting private mails into the public more rude
> > than any rude tone in private mails.
> I disagree.
> Anyone who uses such a tone with me in private mail has abdicated his
> right to keep me from letting the world know that he's an asshole.
> You don't want it published, it's your responsibility to make sure I'll
> agree to that before you send it to me.

It seems that your ideas of courtesy differ greatly from most people on the 
net then.

If someone is hypocritical and their private messages don't agree with their 
public messages (such as the person who claimed to have accidentally spammed 
on this list while privately sending me a gloating email) then publishing 
that to expose them is fair.  If someone confesses to a crime or to something 
unethical or improper in private email then it is also OK to publish.

If they merely lose their temper and say something that they may regret later 
then it's generally regarded as proper behaviour to keep the matter 
moderately private (IE you can discuss it with friends confidentially if you 
need advise in dealing with the situation, but not publish to the world to 
punish them).  I'm sure that everyone here has sent messages that they later 
regret and is glad that most people are more polite than you.

If someone is really an asshole then you probably don't NEED to publish that 
private message as you can count on them either showing their true nature to 
a list or offending a good number of people in private email to damage their 
own reputation enough.

If you go around publishing private email just because someone isn't nice to 
you then you aren't showing them to be an asshole, you are being the asshole.

If you object to someone's messages then as a last resort you can tell them 
that you will publish any further messages from them, if they then choose to 
keep sending you mail then they have chosen to accept your conditions.  But 
it's easier to just block port 25 connections from their server...

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