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Re: testing, unstable, and dependencies

On Thu, Feb 06, 2003 at 12:13:12PM +0100, guenter geiger wrote:

 > Not really. It is not only debhelper that creates the problems.  If I
 > have a package that build depends on libfoo3-dev for example, but it
 > is known to build with libfoo2-dev as well (the configure script in
 > most software detects this and acts accordingly).

 Ok, fair.  How do you propose to handle that?

 > give the users the advantage of having a stable system with the
 > latest applications.

 What we call "stable" is the product of a long release cycle during
 which people have tested, debugged and fixed packages.  Once you add
 random stuff to that system "to keep it up to date", it's not "stable"

 Be careful, we are on our way to beating a dead horse here.


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