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Re: mass bug report: undocumented.7.gz

Bas Zoetekouw wrote:
> The bugs would not be about the binary not having a man page, but about
> the man pages being linked to the "undocumented" man page, which is
> obsolete in latest policy.
> But, as tbm pointed out in a private mail, it's probably too early to
> file those bugs.  In a few months a lot more packages will have been
> updated to policy >= 3.5.8, and it would make more sense to file the
> bugs then.

Any package in the archive that has an undocumented.7 link should, by
long-standing policy already have a bug filed against it saying that it
is missing some man pages. Of course not all do, since some maintainers
forget to do it, but it would be pretty silly to mass-file another bug
against such packages saying essentially the same thing.

FWIW, I can turn dh_undocumented into a no-op whenever people feel it is a
good idea to do so and that will probably remove a good number of the
undocumented.7 links eventually.

see shy jo

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