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Re: mass bug report: undocumented.7.gz


> > I would object.
> > I would not object to a mass filing bugreport if they all have a 
> > decent patch (a manual page) attached to it, however.
> The bugs would not be about the binary not having a man page, but about
> the man pages being linked to the "undocumented" man page, which is
> obsolete in latest policy.

I would be pretty unhappy if you filed so many bug reports
just resulting in people removing those symbollic links,
and thus closing the bug, while the time could have been better
spent with writing those manual pages.

When there is such a mass number of bugs to be filed,
I would consider that there is something rather fundamentally 
broken about it.

(me stops to think if FTBFS bugs are really useless, but 
they are usually trivial to fix when you know how to deal with them,
except for few which are caused by toolchain regression...)


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