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Re: POSIXLY_CORRECT and install scripts

Greg Stark wrote:
> If a maintainer really needed a non-posix compliant feature and did
> "POSIXLY_CORRECT= foo" in the script I guess there wouldn't be a serious
> problem for Debian. But It seems like it would still be a bad idea. In any
> case there would be virtually no reason to ever feel the need to do that.
> Nearly all the changes POSIXLY_CORRECT makes are things like not permuting
> command-line arguments, using 512b blocks in df(1) (making df -k the norm),
> etc.

Oh I dunno, I had to do exactly that in debconf; in posixly correct mode
I could not pass select list params after a "--" parameter, and it is
unsafe to pass them to whiptail in any other way. Granted that
limitation of whiptail could be considered a bug.

see shy jo

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