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Please test Exim TLS 4.12...


I have recently created new exim-tls packages which also provide exim
4.12 instead of 3.xx and I am a little bit hesitant to upload them to
Debian because of the problems that /*MIGHT*/ arise when someone with an
insanely difficult exim-tls 3.xx configuration tries to upgrade to 4.xx.

The scripts try to convert the users' old configuration file to the new
format which on my system succeeds without any problems and results in a
completely functional exim-tls 4.12. It also adapts to upgrades from
exim-plain to exim-tls etcetera.


*) Does someone want to test the packages I have created and give me
   feedback of problems / ideas / comments they might have? I have them
   available at http://people.debian.org/~ssmeenk/exim-tls/.
   Or as an apt line:
    deb http://people.debian.org/~ssmeenk/exim-tls/ ./
   These packages are only for i386 and are signed by myself.
   I have them running on two of my boxen now and have not yet
   experienced any problems. My non-standard configuration file was
   converted successfuly and everything works perfect.

*) How do people feel about uploading a new version of something important
   as an MTA that /*MIGHT*/ break the configuration if the admin user is
   not paying attention to it? I myself think this migration will be
   smooth though.

Please let me know (on this list? private mail? IRC? (Fluor)) if you will
try my packages and what your experiences are.


(This message was not yet delivered through Exim 4.12 :p)

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