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Re: Bug#176267: ITP: mplayer -- Mplayer is a full-featured audioand video player for UN*X like systems

Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Wrong. There have been several movie players around, which are much less
> painful to install and which comply with the DFSG - and they are
> included in the main Debian distribution. And even with all its
> optimize-everything-or-die crap, mplayer doesn't perform better.
Huh, just tried aaxine. Played an MPEG1 with >100% CPU, 5 (!) threads, and
2 (!) fps. (libxine0) And it worked only as root. (why, don't ask me..)
xine _couldn't play the audio_ .

Checked the output and saw xine opened my BT878 card to play audio on it :)))
/dev/dsp2. Just 'rmmod btaudio' wasn't enough, I had to move the kernel module
from its place! (xine probes all /dev/dsp*, and uses the last, VERY SMART,

Then xine could finally play the audio ;)
And surprise: it was STILL JERKY! On an AMD K6/2 250, a simple MPEG1 playing
was impossible. Very nice indeed.

Then tried MPlayer -vo aa as user, and it played 25fps, 98% CPU, 1 thread,
__immediately__. I just typed: mplayer -vo aa filename.mpg and it worked..
Mysterious :P

You can ssh in to me and see for yourself :)

I also tried to play a _one-frame_ VOB with AC3 audio (the xine team - unlike
us - concentrated very much work on these so called still-frames' support, so I
expected it to work): it displayed the frame, and tried to play the audio -
unfortunately the audio was totally skipping.. :)
Meanwhile my CPU usage was 100% :

 9922 aaxine                        41.7 48.2  14m root       0:05.41  25   0 R
 9916 aaxine                        31.5 48.2  14m root       0:05.69  25   0 R
 9923 aaxine                        20.4 48.2  14m root       0:03.21  16   0 R

Now this is what I call "perform better" :))))))))) 100% CPU for a jerky
AC3 playback which should take about 20% CPU anyway.

(why am I using aalib? Because right now I am in front of an EGA monitor.
With MPlayer I can watch TV, DivX, anything on it, even with svgalib! xine
doesn't even know of svgalib, how strange...)

I expected xine to be much better (!) than this.

MPlayer Core Team

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