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Re: pbuilder running :) [ppro trolls read this]

#include <hallo.h>
* Jesus Climent [Thu, Jan 23 2003, 09:27:31PM]:

> > I'm also running it with pentium-builder and compiling with pentium-pro
> > optimizations. So to all the i686 trolls, give me a list of the packages
> > that you want me to benchmark against the regular i386 ones. I'll
> > run all benchmarks on an Athlon 650 with 512M once I finish compiling
> > Sid. :)
> Compiling with PPro optimisations and running the test under an AMD
> might bring the opposite results than expected. Please, if you plan to
> run some benchmarking related to i686 optims, use a i686.

Does not K7 fullfil the i686 specification? So you mean a real 
Pentium >=Pro machine.

Ein Schwein das Angst vor dem Metzger hat, wird nie ein Schnitzel.

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