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Re: more and more broken packages?

Erik Steffl wrote:
it looks like there are more and more broken packages. I have been using unstable for few years and generally there were no problems, all packages where upgradable, no version mismatch etc.

however over time the quality went sharply down (during last 6 month - year?), to the point of debian being routinely unupgradable (automatically, using either aptitude u-g-g or apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade). there are various conflicts etc. and I can only make it work (somewhat) by removing packages, sometime dpkg --remove (apt-get remove doesn't seem to work, it stops because of the problem I am trying to fix)


I have been tracking unstable for a little over 1½ years on my laptop, doing daily/weekly dist-upgrades. If my memory is correct, I have yet to see a grave problem that wasn't fixable somehow. I have more than 1.300 packages installed currently and they are all marked as "ii" using dpkg -l.

Maybe unstable was more stable a couple years ago (I really don't know), but unstable surely is stable enough compared to what you should expect from a devel branch, I think.


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