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Re: why is it not moving to testing

On Monday, January 20, 2003, at 05:34  am, Steve Langasek wrote:

If you do this, you're the only one to blame if at some point libc6
changes one of the features that you *do* use, and a version of your
package built against the new libc6 is installed on someone's system
that's running glibc 2.2.  You would also need to handle the fact that
the library package name is different on two of our archs (alpha and one
other -- ia64?).

Not forgetting that whilst a particular libc version on which you have tested your app "should" be fine, there may well have been arch-specific bugs in <some old version of libc> on an arch with which you are not familiar, which would stop it from working

There's nothing special about libc in this respect, of course...

That said, it really does bug me that so many versioned dependencies
blatantly force much more to be updated than is really necessary.



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