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Re: question regarding prelinking (was: (inc. note from dpkg developers) (was:Bug#XXXXXX: (far too many packages) needs rebuilt for prelinking))

On Fri, Jan 17, 2003 at 01:17:50PM +0100, Emile van Bergen wrote:

> If linking plays such a big part in the (noticeable) startup time of
> these applications, then IMHO that signifies broken design, and indeed,
> inventing a new .so for every three functions /is/ broken design.

Modularization is not broken but good design.

> In most cases you need exactly matching minor versions for all those 
> KDE/Gnome support libraries anyway - just look at how often the soname
> versions are incremented.

This is false (at least in the GNOME case).

> Make no illusions, nobody's going to use your utility functions
> standalone anyway, outside of those environments.

Wrong. There are many programs that use only a subset of GNOME's
functionality. There are especially many applications out there that
build only on GTK+.

 - Sebastian

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