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Re: question regarding prelinking (was: (inc. note from dpkg developers) (was: Bug#XXXXXX: (far too many packages) needs rebuilt for prelinking))

On Jan 14, Craig Dickson <crdic@pacbell.net> wrote:

 >Okay, I think I have a grasp of this prelinking idea now, at least in
 >principle. It sounds like a nice little performance enhancement to have
 >on a machine that doesn't change much, but how do you keep things in
 >sync on a testing or unstable system? Is there a database that keeps
 >track of what's prelinked to what, system-wide, so you can minimally
 >re-prelink those files that are affected by an upgrade of some library?
No, if you don't tell it which file have changed it will prelink again
everything. OTOH it takes just a few minutes.


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