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Re: pkgdump

Halil Demirezen wrote:
> Hi,
> I am currently maintaining a package that i gave a name.
> Its name is pkgdump. It has got some extra features such as report
> logging/, etc when compared to the current network package dumper
> named tcpdump. I want to keep the name of the package. The licence
> will be GPL. However, how cant there be a coincidence while i am
> trying to maintain this package and there is another package named
> pkgdump maintaned by anyone else?

I'm not sure I parsed your text correctly, but the first one or the
more popular one wins.

Apart from that, pkgdump raises associations with a package manager or
something.  npdump (network packet dump) or netdump (network dumper)
etc. sound more appropriate to me.



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