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Re: Make debconf mandatory for prompting the user

> Your policy says:

You should probably have filed this as a bug on the policy
pseudo'package, or at least discuss it on the policy mailing list.

> There's one problem that will arise:
> Essential packages prompting the user.
> There are two possible solutions for this problem:
> 1. essential packages have to check whether debconf is available and if
>    yes have to use it
> 2. make debconf essential (it's already present on nearly every system
>    since many packages already depend on it; it should be possible to
>    remove the size of the debconf package by seperating separating 
>    things like locales files away from the main package)

The former is the better option IMHO. Although it is really better to
check if the debconf language interface (ie,
/usr/share/debconf/confmodule.sh) is available, then alternatives like
cdebconf can be used as well).

see shy jo

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