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Re: [desktop] debian backgrounds package

W liście z nie, 12-01-2003, godz. 05:59, Jean-Michel Kelbert pisze: 
> Hi,
> I intend to create a package which will contain debian related
> backgrounds. 
> What do you think about this idea ?
I took a quick look at the backgrounds and they're really nice!
Do you have some preliminary debian package or at least a tgz of all
of them?

> We could imagine that backgrounds which will be in this package will
> be selected by users, by using a sort of poll, before uploading the
> package into debian. As a matter of fact, I think that having too much
> backgrounds will not facilitate final user choice and taking too much
> space on the servers.
> Another point that I would like to point out concerns the size of
> provided backgrounds.  According to a survey on kde-look.org, the most
> used resolution (for kde users) is 1024x768 (47%)
> (http://www.kde-look.org/poll/poll.php?poll=19).
I think that users should vote for a background they like AND the
resolution they want use for this background. That would give
much cleaner answer which backgrounds to put into debian-backgrounds

> That's why I think that all backgrounds should be provided in this size
> if possible. However we have to think on what to do if a background is
> available on many size. Should a package for each resolution be created
> ? In that case should we resize backgrounds that are not available in a
> specific size, so that all background packages will contain the same
> backgrounds, or shouldn't we ?
I, for example, use 1600x1280 virtual desktop (w/ 1280x1024 display),
so I would prefer background of this size. The package will be
Architecture:all, so I don't think the size of the package is such
big problem here.

What I could suggest is either:

1. Create second package, maybe debian-backgrounds-extras which
contains less popular backgrounds and other resolutions of the
popular ones (which are put into debian-backgrounds). It would
be nice so that people with "other" screen resolutions and
taste - weren't discriminated.

2. I belive that all those background _pixmaps_ are created from
some more flexible formats. Not sure here, but maybe it would be
suitable to distribiute also the source formats which could then be
used to generate pixmaps of any arbitrary resolution?
(sth. like debian-backgrounds-sources)


				Grzegorz B. Prokopski

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