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Re: Getting the changelog (online) before installing

On Fri, Jan 10, 2003 at 08:06:21PM +0100, Matthias Klose wrote:
> hmm, apt-listchanges lists the changelogs _before_ the install. 

No, it lists the changelogs /as part of/ the install.  The fact that it runs
first doesn't help me; by the time the mail has arrived, the installation
is over.

To put it another way, I have to type "apt-get upgrade" (or whatever) in
order for apt-listchanges to run.  I'd like to be able to do something like

    dselect update
    dselect select
    dselect // to do the install and any other config/remove steps

with plenty of time between steps 3 and 4 to look over the list and see if
any of it scares me.  :-)

Maybe I'll play with listchanges' --confirm option, but it'd be annoying to
have to do it all twice... hmmm, dunno.


I would therefore like to posit that computing's central challenge, viz. "How
not to make a mess of it," has /not/ been met.
                                                 - Edsger Dijkstra, 1930-2002

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