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Getting the changelog (online) before installing

I run sid.  And was about to do an upgrade when I saw that a couple of very
critical packages had new versions.  Being the cautious type, I'd like to
find out exactly what changed.  (For values of 'exactly' that correspond
to "whatever the maintainer felt appropriate to type in the changelog,"
I guess.)

Yes, apt-listchanges is installed, but that only takes effect /after/
the upgrade.

packages.debian.org/foo doesn't let me view the changelog.  Neither do
any of the links at packages.qa.debian.org/foo.[*]  If I'm lucky I can find
a recent generated message which closed a bug, since that usually contains
a changelog entry and announces the new version.

How do other people do this?

[*]  If the "recent news" links are supposed to do this, then I'll just
wait for the woody upgrade like the bit at the bottom of every page says.


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