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Re: Proposal: Debian release numbers

Jim Penny wrote:

> While mayan does have a certain appeal, why not combine the roman
> numeral idea and the year of release idea.  The defect with year of
> release was that it did not allow muliple releases per year.
> We already have a program in the Debian archives that will solve both of
> these problems, and can be easily automated: hodie.
> Using hodie -c -v, we could name the current release (if released today):
> Debian quarto Idus Ianuarias MMDCCLVI ab urbe condita

"Fourth ide of January 2756"? (I'm not sure what "ab urbe condita"
means.) How does that translate to 10 January 2003? Is it based on some
pre-Christian calendar? (The Romans, IIRC, always dated things relative
to the current Caesar's year of ascension, so presumably that's not what
you're doing. And I forget exactly what an "ide" is.)


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