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Re: linking latest gnome-terminal missing library function

On Jan 10, Adam <ack94598@yahoo.com> wrote:

 >From looking at the source this is apparently a function defined in 
 >libgcrypt1.  Since the libgcrypt1.so is stripped I cannot use nm to tell 
 >if the function is present.  (It is libgcrypt.so.1.5.0, I do not 
nm -D

But IIRC this is a known problem.

Or maybe:

#!/bin/sh -e
# findsym.sh

LIBDIRS="/lib /usr/lib /usr/X11R6/lib"

FILES=$(find $LIBDIRS -maxdepth 1 -type f -name '*.so*' | sort \
	| xargs grep --files-with-matches $1)

for file in $FILES; do
	if nm --dynamic "$file" | grep " [^U] ${1}$"; then
		echo $file
#		break

exit 0
A absolute
B BSS (uninitialized data section)
C common (uninitialized data)
D initialized data section
G initialized data section for small objects
N debugging symbol
R read only data section
S uninitialized data section for small objects
T text (code)
U undefined
V weak object
W weak symbol that has not been specifically tagged as a weak object symbol


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