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Re: A birthday message and a RFS for Film Gimp 0.13-1

On Mon, 2002-12-30 at 10:51, Andrew Lau wrote:
> Hi everyone,
>    First a song:
>    Happy birthday to me.
>    Happy birthday to me
>    Happy birthday DAMnation.
>    Happy birthday to me.
>    One year on [1], I'm still in the dark about my application and am
> still a weekly contestant on the Sponsor Whoring Gameshow. I have
> three options:
> 1) Resign in frustration and orphan all 10 of my source packages [2]
> 2) Wait on Troup some more until I lose my sanity.
> 3) Make another rant on -devel.
> [...]
Hi Lau,

You can sit and wait, wait, wait...And yes we'll wait forever.It isn't
about DAM directly, it seems to be about how DAM see *unknown* people

For fun:

Gustavo Franco <stratus@acm.org>

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